In honor and Memory of Our Fallen Hero 

Spc. Adam J. Rosema

May 28, 1979 - March 14, 2007

"Stand down soldier, your mission is complete."









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Adam's service in Iraq (video): March 20, 2007 (This is a streaming video file.)


Adam arrives home: March 23, 2007


Elegy to a Fallen Soldier: Written by Dr. Gary Dickey


Adam's Medals & Certificates (and more!)


"Words of Remembrance" as read by Brigadier General James Hodge at Adam's funeral on March 26, 2007


Funeral: March 26, 2007. Photos taken by Jan Alexakis.


Memorial Service: April 19, 2007. Photos taken by Laura & Rick Stephens at Ft. Hood, TX. Includes pictures of an M-88 and the Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial Wall.


Christmas 2007




Arcardia High School Plaque - 11-17-2007


This was the date of the Arcadia Festival of Bands. At the end of the field show in the evening, the specialty trophy for high percussion was handed out to Chino High School in Adam's name. The inscription on the plaque was read by the announcer and Laura handed out the trophy. It is the intention of Arcadia High School to repeat this dedication at each year's festival.


Veteran's Day '07




Dedication of Wall in Sacramento, CA

on 05-19-2007



Gold Star Family Event at Marine Memorial Club in San Francisco, CA

on 01-30-2008 through 02-01-2008


One Year Ago...

on 03-14-2008


Iraqi Freedom Wall Rededication: May 16, 2008. Pictures were taken at the Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial Wall at Ft. Hood, TX.


05-17-2008 Spc Jason Dawson and his wife Rachel

Specialist Dawson gave the eulogy for Adam in Iraq. We were pleased to go out to dinner with these fine people. Jason provided more information on the day-to-day life in Iraq, as well as some of the stuff Adam did.


05-28-2008 Happy Birthday Adam!!


08-03-2008 Big Bear's Old Miners Day Parade

Rick & Laura Stephens were co-Grand Marshalls of the Old Miner's Day Parade in Big Bear Lake, CA. The Grand Marshalls (6 total) were comprised of parents of fallen soldiers.


The Landakers are the proud parents of 1st Lt. Jared Landaker


08-09-2008 Big Bear Memorial Park

This plaque was placed on the memorial wall at Big Bear Lake's memorial park.



09-09-2008 Pasadena Memorial Park

This banner was placed on Walnut St. at Pasadena's memorial park.


Two Years Ago...we miss you Adam!!!

on 03-14-2009

05-28-2009 Happy Birthday Adam!!

Three Years Ago...we love you Adam!!!

on 03-14-2010

05-28-2011 Happy Birthday Adam!!


Christmas 2012

Memorial Day 2013 & Adam's 34th Birthday

You will forever be in our hearts. We love you, Adam.